What does the word superhero conjure up for you?  Marvel and DC? Superman and Wonder Woman? Larger than life beings flying around in capes saving the world from doom? Well, when I try to imagine beings with amazing superpowers, I tend to look a little closer to home.  I look no further than the women in our lives, the superhumans juggling, balancing and navigating multiple roles as they raise future generations of leaders and world changers. Our mothers.

And let’s be honest, who deserves more appreciation for their magical ways than moms. These masters of marvelousness appear to have the answers to all life’s questions. They always seem to know just the right thing to do when the world is imploding around them. With Mothers Day on the horizon, what better time than now to take a moment to highlight the magnificent qualities of moms around the globe?

Plot Similarities:
If you hadn’t noticed before, moms and superhero storylines are remarkably similar. They start out as ordinary human beings trying to navigate our universe just like everyone. But then suddenly they become blessed with powers and a social mission that comes above all else. For the rest of their lives, they have an important job to get done, no matter how tired, overworked or underappreciated they may be.

Advanced hearing:
Moms can determine, solely from sound alone if their child is in distress. Whether they’re in the same room or not. Call it supersonic hearing or eyes in the back of her head, she doesn’t have to rely on mere sight alone like regular humans.

Kryptonite-like Weaknesses:
Everyone knows that kryptonite will shut Superman down, and quick. All superheroes have their own type of kryptonite or fatal weakness: the color yellow (Green Lantern), a woman (all male superheroes), the Muramasa Blade (Wolverine), etc. In the same fashion, all moms have their own weakness: their families. The people they’d do anything for, give up many things to support. That protective instinct often comes above all else.

Of course, moms aren’t defined by one thing. They are multi-faceted beings whether they work inside or outside home. They juggle multiple roles. Businesswoman, life partner, friend. You can find them in every office. Busy women seemingly worried only about completing a day’s work. But perhaps unbeknownst to you, they are also on constant alert for signs of danger – a phone call, a text, an email. And when danger breaks out, as danger inevitably does, superhero mom is off to save the day. Or she outsources it to her able accomplices – Dad, grandparents and of course supernanny.

The Ultimate Power:
And we can’t forget, the most superhuman gift of all: mothers give the gift of life. The wonder of birth. Is there anything more awe inspiring?